UniverCell Sync Mobile Store Review

On Saturday, 23rd of August we (indibloggers) were invited to visit a newly opened mobile store named Univercell Sync at Colaba Cause Way, Mumbai. Since I never have great weekend plans I decided to go ahead and register myself and contacted a few fellow indibloggers with whom I would tag along to the venue. As soon as I reached Churchgate station the sole of my left shoe started flapping and I had to walk to the cobbler with the flapping noise my shoes made. He ripped off the sole and pierced a needle to stitch it back onto the shoe for good whilst I waited for my friends to reach the station before my shoe was fixed. I felt so awkward when I was all alone waiting for friends and there was no place to even rest my feet. I ate a sandwich till then and then my right shoe’s sole started losing its grip so I had to repair that as well. It was more like a whacky shoe failure day at the station. My watch said I AM LATE but it didn’t matter because my friends had also not bothered to reach on time. Eventually we made it to the mobile store and didn’t get a door slammed on our face for being super late. In fact the store manager was more than happy to tour us around the store and strike some interesting conversations related to various schemes the store has to offer its customers.

univercell sync Mumbai

The best part about this store is that you can touch, you can play, you can say the phone is going to be yours! πŸ˜‰


As soon as I entered this well-designed, spic and span store I was impressed. Some mobile stores are so crowded due to the weird arrangement of display desks but this store had it all sorted. The arrangement of phones was categorized impeccably as per their best features i.e Music phones, camera phones and business phones. Hence it made it convenient for customers to browse through phones much easily as per the features prior to their needs. I need and love phones with a good camera and that’s my priority so I would blindly walk to the camera mobile phone section and fidget with all the phones on display that they recommend.


This wall belonged to Camera Lovers & Selfie Freaks πŸ˜› [This is my wall!!]

This area displayed some awesome music accessories of various brands along with mobile phones which prioritize music. The beats headphones to the Philips sound shooter [although it should be named a grenade because it looks like one; as suggested by my friend Shivam Ratnani] to the JBL speakers it had it all. The colors were so attractive that I could have purchased one right away if I were a rich/employed girl! πŸ˜› So if you’re a music lover and looking for a new phone or accessories then you have to check this place out!


Play It. Live It. Own It. For Music Maniacs.

There was one tiny section that looked so cozy and beautiful made for children specially so that they can sit and play games or browse through other apps on the tablets displayed there. I must say, it’s a great way to lure them πŸ˜› I get very happy too when I can actually play around with a gadget before I make my final decision. I was glad to see that no dummy phones were displayed as they are disappointing! The painting of the technology tree on the wall was terrific. It made the wall look so much more interesting. Who said staring at walls was boring? πŸ˜› If you need to buy a mobile phone or anything related to it and have children who run around all the time, well this is the place where you can keep them occupied while you finish your work. [I can hear the sighs of many parents this very moment! :P]


Hey little brats, this section is all yours!



Univercell Sync Offers you all these services

Univercell Sync Offers you all these services

This store has so much concern for its customers that even if you don’t want to buy a phone you will surely tell others about it who want to. This is precisely why I am writing this blog post. For some people who are zero when it comes to new gadgets and need somebody to do all the installations and the required settings then this store is actually pretty good because they have these privileged services called the sync squad who sit with you and make you go through your new phone patiently explaining everything Β and installing all the needed applications. What more do you need? This made me feel so happy. I could suggest this store to most of the older generations who usually have a hard time with new phones.

Personalize and sync your phone here.

Personalize and sync your phone here.




This offer blew my mind!


The store manager explained to us about their after-sale services where the customer is offered different packages depending on the range of mobile phone you purchase. So if your phone is around β‚Ή15,ooo and more then you are eligible to the β‚Ή799/- package and you can get your “damaged” phone repaired within that range. Also they have doorstep pick & drop service and this lasts for a whole year. So if you happen to damage your phone 5-6 times in a year you don’t pay anything more it’s all covered in the β‚Ή799 package! Isn’t that super cool? So all of you with those Β butter fingers are already in for this right? I knew it! πŸ˜€


This store gets more awesome with its own photo-booth section. They have a few hollow frames in which you can fit your beautiful faces and ask the store assistants to take your picture! πŸ˜€ So even if you can’t afford the phone you desire don’t be all grumpy just make some memories with your friends and family by clicking awesome pictures at this attractive photo-booth!

Mr. Dubey and Mr. Ratnani who come late and make a girl wait. hahaha... [Awesome buddies and complete gentlemen!]

Mr. Dubey and Mr. Ratnani who come late and make a girl wait. hahaha… [On a serious note, awesome buddies and complete gentlemen!]

To know more about Univercell Sync click here. To visit this store in Mumbai click here and check out some awesome gadgets and gizmos live before you make the call πŸ˜‰

Hope my mobile store suggestion helps you out and makes your phone search an easy journey too! Good luck πŸ™‚

Β -Zainab Attari

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