Stains #PeshawarAttack

The smallest coffins are the heaviest!

The smallest coffins are the heaviest!

No one wears stained clothes
No person likes stained walls
We make sure that they are cleaned
We make sure it is all stainless

But on a colourless Tuesday
Terrorists spilled red all over a school
They ransacked the classrooms
They set a teacher on fire

They shot aimlessly at tiny hearts and hands
They murdered their future
They banged bullets through budding brains
And all that was left were stains.

Terrorists stained crisply ironed uniforms
They spilled blood in corridors once filled with colourful paintings
They blemished the thoughts of little souls
They damaged the hearts of parents young and old.

Terrorists persist in staining their hands
They exult in staining their nation
They stain the meaning of Islam
They stain the words of Allah in the holy Quran

The redness of young blood will haunt them
These red pigments will soak them into hell
These blotches won’t be disregarded
These stains will sustain till eternity!

#PeshawarAttack 16th December 2014 is a day no human will forget. We are deeply sorry for the loss of all the families, we are all with you dear people of Peshawar! Let’s #FightBackTerrorism because we cannot afford losing a single drop of blood of anymore innocent lives.

-Zainab Attari

11 thoughts on “Stains #PeshawarAttack

  1. thesupervanoo says:

    “They banged bullets through budding brains
    And all that was left were stains.”

    This line! :O

    It’s a heartbreaking reality that such people even exist!


  2. Umair Rehman says:

    They have indeed stained the lives of many. The worst part is that others might move on but the families of those martyred children might never be able to get over this incident. History as well as the Judgement Day will never forgive those who did this and who are responsible.


  3. story teller says:

    Looking at these pictures and the text that you have written below just breaks my heart… May god give the parents of those departed the strength to face life, one day at a time..

    Liked by 1 person

    • zainabattari says:

      Yes, may they get all the strength to surpass this difficult phase in life! I am so hurt by siting miles away and watching this on news. I do not know how the parents have the courage to make it through. May Allah bless them.
      Thank you for your warm comments πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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