Burglaries in Bandra

I was robbed at the dusk of 2nd of November on my way home from work. The distance from my work place to home is 10 minutes approx and I walk fast when I’m alone but someone caught my pace and got what they wanted.  I guess it was destined and I couldn’t have done anything differently to avoid it.

Isn’t destiny too stubborn? God should have slapped it when it was a baby. Now it’s the largest giant who is the cause and reason for everything that takes place. Don’t know whom to blame when something happened? Blame DESTINY!

We console ourselves by inculcating that everything that happens is for the good. Honestly, that’s such bull. How is losing my belongings going to be of any good? Yes, I will get everything new but that’s after I invest time and money to gain it all back while some of the lost belongings are gone forever.

Credits: Flickr

Credits: Flickr

After an attempt to robbery at Bandra Station last year which left my brand new bag into deep cuts, my mum had warned me to make copies of all my original cards but I never got down to doing it. I regret it so much now. My mum was really mad at me and not to forget the “I told you so talks” that were thrown my way when I told her about my stolen wallet. [Note: Parents speak from experience, listen to them sometimes 😛 ]

My original driving license for which I stood in long queues in the scorching heat, my Starbucks Card which was probably the last physical gift given by my best friend who is now miles away studying, my original Aadhar card, my Debit Card which was an escape from the slow cash withdrawal procedure in banks, original and single copy pictures from my childhood, my first ever salary (currency note) which had 786 on its ending digits, my house keys and other little things are probably all lying in a heap of garbage. (Excluding the note) All this was lost to gain some 1,600 Indian bucks! SERIOUSLY? I have to spend double of that to make new cards.

How can that person live in peace knowing they’ve messed someone’s life and continue committing such a crime? Or are they even aware of the consequences? Do they feel any remorse?

Credits: Flickr

Credits: Flickr

I am living a mundane routine since a few months and such incidents make things even more miserable. Especially because I am time bound.  I got home early from work that day as I had to go elsewhere for work. The conniving thief managed to silently open the zip pocket of my bag and took away my entire wallet. I have no idea when this happened as I felt nothing and I didn’t even make a single stop. When I got home I noticed  what I had lost and my mind was constantly thinking of ways I could have prevented it or I wish I had just seen that heartless creatures face.

There is always a first time. This incident led me to the Police Station for the first time. I never thought I’d have to file any complaint. I dislike these institutes and pray to be away from them. But I had no choice. I filed my complaint hoping Bandra Police will soon notice the large rise in the number of such thefts and act upon getting things in control.

Yes, you caught that right. LARGE RISE IN THEFTS IN BANDRA!

Few days after my tragedy, my colleague was mugged by another selfish creature. She had just got off the rickshaw outside Baba Hospital, Bandra and was about to receive the change the rickshaw driver owed her when a thief forcefully pulled her entire sling bag along with the food bag she had got for her brother-in-law who was admitted in the hospital. He was well-dressed on an old scooter and sped away after committing this heinous crime.

She ran with all the strength her tiny fragile body had and along with her ran a policeman who was around at the crime scene but that thief had vanished in broad daylight. She came to office and sobbed while narrating to us what had just happened. My blood was boiling and I couldn’t help but curse this man. She comes from a lower-middle class family and each day is a struggle. She lost 1000 bucks, her specs, delicious food and other valuables. It was a big deal for her!

Her mother-in-law was not supportive and she taunted her for being careless. Umm…? How was it her fault? Others told her she should have kept her money in the pocket or some other place while she herself pondered on how she wish she had done this or that to avoid it.

Regardless, it had to happen. We both were grieving over our losses when we found out that the hand showers and taps from our office building washroom were all stolen! We couldn’t help but burst into laughter. Things getting robbed had now become a joke. We were very fortunate that we didn’t get harmed in anyway while these atrocious creatures stole what was rightfully ours!

For those who know me, they know the calm nature I possess. But when something bad happens to someone good I cannot help but rage out! This blog post is me raging out and in this process alerting all people living/travelling around Bandra to be vigilant! Its festive season and these thieves are cunning and excellent at their unethical job. I wish they made those guts and smart moves more useful and did the right kind of jobs. But what will be will be…But all you Bandraites please stay safe and avoid carrying a lot of cash, if robbed report to the police so they wake up and act upon this!

P.S. No matter how bad the circumstance, never opt to steal. An end to your suffering could be a start to someone else’s sufferings.

Have you been attacked and robbed? Share your stories in the comment section below.

-Zainab Attari

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