An Artsy Day with #BergerXP and Indiblogger

Repainting a home isn’t as easy as buying home decors. When one needs to repaint even a wall of a room, a lot needs to be moved out of that room to make space for the painters and to keep the furniture away from all the dust and paint that would splatter all over in the process of repainting. This insight comes from personal experience. We have delayed renovations at home as we cannot empty a whole room and not use it for a month unless we have another place to stay while the house is getting redone. However, we did manage to do up our living room and passageway a few years back but it was a mess each day for two weeks as the painters make a mess on the whole area. There was paint even on their drinking water bottles that we gave them. We had to sweep and swab the entire living room each night after they left for the day as it was extremely dusty and my mom and I are allergic to high levels of dust. We struggled but had to manage as there wasn’t a better option.

But…every problem has a solution and I just found the perfect solution at my last Indiblogger meet in collaboration with #BergerXP at Vivanta by Taj Presidency on 11th of February, 2017.

The afternoon began with a lovely buffet spread. After we relished our meals, we networked with fellow bloggers and we clicked pictures. Thereafter we were welcomed by Anoop, the co-founder of Indiblogger. We played a few warm-up games, the reason why Indiblogger meets are always so pumped up with energy! Check out my not-so-colourful team dancing away to Rangeela Re! HAHA! (I am missing as I lost in the first round of musical chairs)

Anoop then called Chandranath Banerjee the Service Head of Express Painting to give us a gist about #BergerXP and answer our question thereafter regarding the paints, tools and their services.

As per a recent market research that was done by Berger Paints India, they found out that
the process of painting, for consumers, was a very time-consuming affair which came with its share of health hazards. Hence Berger Paints India being an innovation-driven organization came up with the Berger Express Painting service in order to upgrade the painting process a “Faster, Cleaner and Better” experience for consumers. It has been designed keeping in mind the upgradations of the painting process whereby both the consumers and the applicator benefits from this new service. It promises to deliver to its consumers a world class painting experience without any hindrance such as dust, dirt or paint spillage and also assures the applicator of more business by reducing the time required for each painting assignment. The Company has another SBU – British Paints.

They have designed tools specifically for the process of painting which is forty percent faster than traditional painting. Their tools are certified and ensure a better finish with high efficiency. They send trained painters for efficient and better painting and all these benefits and more are offered at no additional cost! Now let’s get a brief idea about their innovative painting tools!

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  • Faster & Cleaner
  • Dust-Free Vacuum Function
  • Regulated Speeds


  • Quick & Hassle-free Mixing
  • Regulated Speeds
  • Putty & Texture Mixing AUTO ROLLER
  • Adjustable Roller
  • Automatic Paint Pumping
  • Superior Finish


  • Hi-speed Pressure Wash
  •  Pressure Regulator
  •  Nozzle Adjustment


  • Quick Application
  • Supports Water-Based Paints & Primer
  •  Uniform Finish

Note: Painters can buy these machines. Retailers can buy them too and sell them then.

After Chandranath cleared all our doubts. Anoop swooped back again on the stage and instructed us about our first activity for the day – Sanding! The bloggers sharing a table were clubbed into a group and the dusty-time-bound activity started. My team was a bit too precise and hence we wasted quite some time in scraping off the layer. But it was fun, nonetheless.


We are the perfectionist! 😛

After the first activity, we had a much-needed coffee/tea break and then were called back inside to get our hands all messy with the Berger Paints! We had to make a poster/painting using the Berger Paints given to us. The topics given to all were – The Spirit of Mumbai and Women Empowerment, we chose the former. Watch the time-lapse video of my entire team making our KAR MUMBAI KAR masterpiece.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At the end of the event, the winners were announced, they won vouchers worth 2,ooo/- rupees each after which we all dispersed to head home and blog about the amazing hours spent with paints, friends, and food on a colourful Saturday afternoon!

P.S.  You can know more about the brand by following them on Facebook,
Twitter and Instagram

-Zainab Attari

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