Ten Girls in Goa! #thetrip

Goa, as known, is one of the most happening places for a great getaway from your mundane life! A friend’s wedding was approaching and we wanted to host a surprise bachelorette trip before she tied the knot. Everyone knows, there isn’t a more happening place than Goa in India for such occasions.

It was a 4 days trip, our budget was low and we wanted to see North & South Goa. We didn’t plan it out really well because many of us have very different work schedules and confirmations were pending till last minute. However, we did make it from Mumbai to Goa and had a great experience.



One of my most favouries from #goadiaries


Total Cost: (inclusive of all meals and travel) 12,000/- per person.
Travel Transport: Mumbai to Goa by Neeta Travels>>>>>Goa to Mumbai by Train.
However, I’d recommend a round trip flight booking few months in advance if your dates are fixed as that costs approximately the same by train/bus two way.


From our apartment!

Day 1: We boarded the Neeta Travels Bus around 11:30 p.m. I was lying in my bunker all the way due to my motion sickness. Got down directly at 6 a.m to freshen up and have a quick bite. We reached Goa around 11:30 a.m. and then bargained with a taxi driver to take us to our rented apartments in Calangute and since we were a group of ten women who wouldn’t budge on their hiked prices, we did manage to get a good rate, plus chipping in makes your travel easier on the pocket.
We reached Casa Philomena, freshened up and left for lunch. We planned to walk up to Calangute Beach as taking a bike for less than half the day didn’t make sense.
We ate lunch at Kathi Junction, which was nice, after which we headed to the beach around 4 p.m. It was a Sunday evening and Calangute is the most touristy beach, hence it was way too crowded and it felt as if we were at Juhu Beach of Mumbai. Nevertheless, we were happy to finally chill by the sea and watch the sun go down!

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Day 2: We rented scooters at INR 300/- per scooter and filled petrol for INR 150/- as per the kilometers we were going to ride. We were divided perfectly into 5 riders and 5 non-riders. We turned up some music, started our GPS, put on our shades and scarves and rode away into the interiors of North Goa. The roads were superb and we didn’t have a tough time riding here and there as we went beach hopping. We passed by churches and beautiful Goan bungalows as well. The weather was sunny but breezy which balanced the heat perfectly.

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We beach hopped from Morjim Beach to Little Vagator and ended our little road trip at Baga Beach. It was quite a ride back and forth for the riders, whereas for me, I enjoyed guiding the way with my efficient GPS (which sometimes did get us lost due to network issues) and listening to music and soaking in the sun and the cool air!
Our longest stop was at Little Vagator Beach. We ate our lunch at the then newly opened restaurant One, with a beautiful ambiance and view. The chef was a great host to us all and we ate one of the best meals in Goa there. I would totally recommend this place. However, Thalassa and Antares give it a good competition being in the same area. But the over-priced buffet at Antares didn’t appeal to us and at Thalassa, we couldn’t get a table in the shade which is why we found (the) One!

The evening ended early for us as we wanted to play some bachelorette games at the hotel. We picked up this delicious biryani on our way back from a local home-made seller. He happened to be a Bandraite as well who comes down to Goa as their ancestral home is there. Such a small world it is indeed!

The next day we left for Palolem beach in South Goa. We booked a bus for the entire day but we really got late on our way back and the driver was super pissed. It’s not an easy task to be on time when you are a group of ten girls! Also, the bus was quite costly and hence I’d recommend going to either North or South or hiring your own private vehicle.
We ate lunch at Ciaran’s by the beach and the place was so beautiful that we ended up doing a photoshoot, haha! Later, we chilled on the loungers till the sun went a bit low. Then I set off with my camera to click pictures around the coastline while some of my friends dived into the sea and some continued resting. By late evening we were all soaked in sea water and sand….we changed our clothes and quickly headed back to the bus where the bus driver gave us his piece of mind. We somehow convinced him to take us to Baga beach where we could have our dinner and then drop us back to our hotel. We were time bound at dinner but yet enjoyed every dish at Britto’s! Their live music was amazing too and for the first time ever I relished beef! (Highly Recommended if you are at Baga beach)

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Such dreamy shacks.


The most striking shacks! So wanted to stay here.

The last day started off with everybody packing their bags and then running for personal errands. My cousin and I had to meet our Uncle and his family and then go shop for the most famous Kaju and Kokam of Goa! After that, we grabbed some lunch at a close by restaurant and then boarded our bus to Madgaon railway station which was a long ride. As usual, we were late but thankfully the train was delayed by 2.5 hours or else we would have surely missed our train. We sat on our bags at the railway station while we waited for our train to arrive. We all were exhausted and couldn’t wait to get back home to unwind and un-tan ourselves.

Overall, this trip was quite an eye-opening experience for me. I learned how different it can be when you live with friends and somewhere I discovered a lot about myself as well. But it was great getting a break from the mundane. I’ve been to Goa four times before and this was my fifth time, so I wasn’t that excited about the whole trip but I did make a lot of good memories with my girls and it is something I’ll always cherish.
Travel advises from this trip:

  • Plan your trip well but be prepared for many last minute changes.
  • Be punctual
  • Make the most of your time
  • Chose a hotel over an apartment, it’s much more convenient
  • Book travel tickets in advance
  • GPS is a traveler’s best friend
  • Goa is fun even if don’t drink, dance or rage!

I hope my next trip is to North of India as I have been wanting to go to the mountains forever. Until then, I am going to work hard, save some money and wanderlust! 😛 What about you? What are your travel plans in 2017?

-Zainab Attari

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    What beautiful pictures! And to plan a trip with ten girls and to be able to execute it is such a great task! Loved it absolutely! One question, why is the good reads coming at the down?
    do check out my blog some time at orangewayfarer.wordpress.com

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