Road Trip & more with Tata #TigorStyleback in New Delhi

Fashion changes, but style endures. – Coco Chanel

I have always been someone who is particular about my style. I don’t follow any trends as such and nor do I invest in branded clothes but I make sure I am well-dressed as soon as I step out of my home. My taste in everything, in general, is quite classy and has value for money. If it isn’t something unique and great, my eyes won’t catch its attention.

Last week, Indiblogger sent 30 bloggers a special invite to experience the new sedan style Tata Tigor. I was one of the 30 to be a part of an all-expense paid trip to New Delhi by Tata Motors. The invite had the picture of the sexy Tata Tigor and I loved the look in the very first look but seeing it in reality and driving around in it would probably make my opinion certain or the other way around. Hence, I accepted the invite, packed my bags and set off to the capital city of India – New Delhi!


Day 1:

We flew by Go Air which was running super late due to the ‘air traffic’ that resulted in us reaching quite late to the first venue – 1AQ Gallery, Mehrauli, New Delhi. The entire place was booked for the Tata event. From the entrance itself, they had their signs and itinerary boards set. There was food, art, coffee, a perfumier, stylists and the sassy  Tata Tigor grabbing all the attention. I loved the perfume that I received as per my personality, it was indeed the perfect pick by Amay. We were also styled up by three stylists – I was given a pair of pearl earrings with a matching neck pendant and a leopard print wayfarer. There was also a backdrop where we could do some graffiti and there was a special counter just for brewing your kind of coffee. With the food, I had a gastronomical experience which Stuti captured perfectly in a video. Check out the video and pictures below!

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Day 1’s night: After we experienced the set up at 1AQ it was time to head to our stay for the night at Hyatt Andaz, New Delhi. We had to check into our given rooms, freshen up and come down to get introduced to Tata Tigor’s making and process, followed by cocktails and dinner. Vivek Srivatsa & Pratap Bose took us back to the initial stages of making their newest cub (read car) – The Tigor. Then the curtains dropped and the Tigor was parked to our right, all shiny and stylish! The food was splendid and I was stuffed by the end of the night. We clicked a lot of pictures with Tigor and with the props placed outside the hall. There was a special twitter booth where everyone went pretty crazy, including me. Hit the play button below 😉

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We headed to our rooms around 11 p.m as we had a super early morning breakfast and drive the next day. I was sharing my room with Ritika who is a Lifestyle & Fashion blogger from Navi Mumbai. Such events always help me connect with so many people who professionally come from a different background but have blogging in common.

Day 2:

We woke up at 4:50 am so that we could reach for the 5 – 6 am breakfast and then get set for our Gurgaon to Haryana road trip on the NH8! I had packed my bag the previous night, so I didn’t take much time and I was down for the enormous breakfast spread at 5:30 am. I wanted to eat a lot of the food they were serving but since we were about to hit the road I wanted to stay light. I grabbed some corn flakes and milk with sugar and happily ate my early meal for the day. Then I toured the hotel to capture the artistic decor and colourful food till we were called out to assemble into our teams and get instructions to drive our car. We were first given the diesel car which was silver and on our way back we switched to the rust colour petrol car.

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We were flagged off and Sanjay drove the Tigor on the super smooth and wide lanes of Delhi. Like seriously, those roads are super huge, unlike narrow Mumbai highways. Jade turned up the radio and I was comfortably enjoying the drive at the back. We were headed to the Heritage Transport Museum which was off the NH8 road. The museum made me love art even more after seeing how it can be rubbed onto transport making it look absolutely gorgeous! Also spotted a race car made by Tata Motors in the past which proved that they always had a sense of style. The drive was a lot of fun as we stopped on our way to click pictures of a hill-top view and then of the wheat fields, uniquely designed cow-dung huts and haystacks too. Felt a lot like Alia Bhatt in the movie Highway except, I wasn’t being kidnapped and my ride wasn’t a truck but the brand new Tata Tigor! We also had a lot of water and juices kept for us in the car as they have provided a lot of utility space. There was some amazing breakfast served too at the Heritage Transport Museum especially for us. I ate chocolate fudge waffles with a cup of strong coffee to go along with it.

 Tigor Review:

  • Air Conditioning was really good even at the back in both the version of the cars.
  • The Boot has been smartly designed. They have inverted the hinges of the boot towards the boot roof rather than it being on the inside so that the luggage space isn’t compromised. It can accommodate 419 litres space wise.
  • Brakes were extremely smooth and reliable as we had to break all of a sudden quite a few times because Delhi people cannot maintain lanes or signals.
  • The Bumper is dual coloured and has the signature grille of Tata along with a sharp pair of headlights and LED tail lamps.
  • The Dashboard surface is curvy & edgy and has a utility box in the centre for storage. There is a glove box which is super spacious, once can easily keep their iPads or tablets and a lot of other stuff as well.
  • The Doors: I really liked the fact that they had the old-fashioned locks for the doors. The hinges on the doors were very sturdy too and opened the door pretty wide which makes it easier for people to get in and out easily. They also have added some more utility space on each door which makes it very convenient to keep bottles, a book or other little things. The clutch to open the door isn’t something I liked because it didn’t feel very sturdy. The door has a button to open/close your window.
  • Engine and Power: 1.2L petrol/ 1.05L diesel engine and power is 84 bhp/ 69 bhp.
  • Headlights are big and bold. Almost like the winged eyeliner!
  • Headrest is quite comfortable and not too high for a person with average height like mine.
  • The Rearview Mirrors are simple and standard but I like the fact that they have pre-installed the parking camera which is an essential need for someone like me as I struggle to park.
  • Seatbelts are smooth and sturdy. Easily to put and remove.
  • Steering Wheel has electric power steering which makes it super easy to maneuver and can rotate entirely. There are quick functions for Music and Calls which is great when you’re driving all alone. This is a part of the Infotainment System.
  • Stereo System was pretty cool as well. It was audible clearly even at the back.
  • Wheels look super classy with the dual tone alloy holding the tyres and the wheelbase is  2450 mm.

Comfort Level: There is immense leg space for the driver and the person sitting in the front and well as at the back. The seats at the back are made for 3 passengers who can sit with ease. The seats are well-shaped making the drives super comfortable. There are 24 utility spaces designed especially for women who always are running short of space! Although, it would be good to have two sockets for connecting one’s phone instead of only one.

Safety: The Tigor has dual front airbags, an advance Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) and Corner Stability Control (CSC) for improved braking efficiency.  Like mentioned earlier it also has Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) which is designed for a light steering feel and for easy maneuvering.

Technology: The ConnectNext App is great as we can use GPS, Radio, Music, Tata Manual, Tata Emergency Assist and so on. The touch however of the infotainment system isn’t quite smooth and it takes some time to sense which can be a bit irritating for the driver. The pre-installed parking camera is a great accessory.

Style: Their design journey was a very well thought process that has resulted in the Tigor. I quite like the exteriors and the interiors. It’s sharp and classy. The rust orange colour is quite the trend currently and would definitely be a great car to be owned by the ladies. Love how the boot seamlessly integrates with the main body and there is no evident partition. I wish it had some more variety in colours of the exterior, a sunroof perhaps and maybe a different colour interior instead of the dark dual tones. That would sum up to be the most stylish car ever but this one is pretty classy and sexy nonetheless.


Hey there!

After our drive, we headed back to Hyatt Andaz for lunch and then headed to the airport back home. Special thanks to Tata Motors for arranging drop offs from the airport to our home for the ladies. It’s very thoughtful!
It was a crazy weekend in Delhi and I thoroughly enjoyed this getaway! Thank you, Indiblogger for calling me onboard once again, it’s an honour!

Kudos to the Tata Tigor team, hope they have a great sell-out! Looking forward to the pricing of both the version of the cars. Also, cannot wait to know which is the next baby in line in the Tata Motors family!
Until then, stay stylish and drive safe 🙂

-Zainab Attari

6 thoughts on “Road Trip & more with Tata #TigorStyleback in New Delhi

  1. vishvarsha says:

    Seems like you had a lot of fun Zee. But hey – you did miss this old roomie right? 😛
    On a serious note, nice review! Is this better than the last 3 cars of TATA?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Zainab Attari says:

      You have no idea how much I’ve missed you and your photography skills ❤ I doubt anyone can replace you easily 😉
      I loved the HEXA among all the rest, its a beast, stylish and has such great interiors too.
      And thank you :*


    • Zainab Attari says:

      Thank you very much, UK!
      I did have a great time but missed you guys a lot. Would have been completely different if even one of you guys were there. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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