World Read Aloud Day 2017 with Pomegranate Workshop

To me, stories are our experiences and illusive thoughts expressed to our audiences in various forms. How would you define STORIES? We all have so many stories to tell. Some insignificant ones about our mundane life, adventurous ones about our travels, crazy encounters or a tragic tale of our past. Some of us are extremely … Continue reading World Read Aloud Day 2017 with Pomegranate Workshop

An Artsy Day with #BergerXP and Indiblogger

Repainting a home isn't as easy as buying home decors. When one needs to repaint even a wall of a room, a lot needs to be moved out of that room to make space for the painters and to keep the furniture away from all the dust and paint that would splatter all over in … Continue reading An Artsy Day with #BergerXP and Indiblogger

Bruce Dickinson #madeofgreat

We all have certain moments in life when our perspective about something completely changes. Such experiences are so impactful that you are bound to reconstruct some major pillars of your life. Something similar occurred on 31st of November, 2015 at one of the biggest and greatest blogger meets - #BNLF held by Indiblogger at The … Continue reading Bruce Dickinson #madeofgreat

UniverCell Sync Mobile Store Review

On Saturday, 23rd of August we (indibloggers) were invited to visit a newly opened mobile store named Univercell Sync at Colaba Cause Way, Mumbai. Since I never have great weekend plans I decided to go ahead and register myself and contacted a few fellow indibloggers with whom I would tag along to the venue. As … Continue reading UniverCell Sync Mobile Store Review

Travel Tales #JodeyDilonKo

We all want to explore and travel. Be it exploring your own neighbourhood, your own city or your country and of course even foreign lands. Most of us wander in various worlds we create, many of lust materialistic things as well but we all Wanderlust! Some may disagree because they have already travelled every place … Continue reading Travel Tales #JodeyDilonKo