An Artsy Day with #BergerXP and Indiblogger

Repainting a home isn't as easy as buying home decors. When one needs to repaint even a wall of a room, a lot needs to be moved out of that room to make space for the painters and to keep the furniture away from all the dust and paint that would splatter all over in … Continue reading An Artsy Day with #BergerXP and Indiblogger

DIY with U & Us Home Design Studio

Technology never ceases to develop in all fields. This May 2016 I was introduced to an amazing technological advancement at U & Us Home Design Studio by Godrej that would help the non- interior designers/decorators to decor their own homes the way they imagine it. What better than having your way with your home, right?

Godrej Design Lab 2016

DESIGN is a word that speaks visually. Have a look around and you will see the various designs one single object wears. From a ceiling fan to your shoes you will notice a form of design. Without design you cannot create things. Even the simplest of things have a design and thought behind it. Being … Continue reading Godrej Design Lab 2016