Quote from my Thoughts #31

"If you love uncertainties and surprises, you will have a happier life" -Zainab Attari

Quote from my Thoughts #30

"I choose to ignore the demons that live within you until you surface mine!" -Zainab Attari

Quote from my Thoughts #28

"Reading the newspaper these days seems like attending several funerals all at once!" -Zainab Attari

Quote from my Thoughts #27

Does anybody feel the same? As if you had cataract all these years and now you've been operated. ┬áIsn't this world filled with heaps of lies? How do we know something is truly true? Yes, if we believe in it but sometimes we humans believe in anything and everything and thus we are often responsible … Continue reading Quote from my Thoughts #27

Quote from my Thoughts #26

"Technology and cosmetics have one skill in common. Both are excellent at hiding flaws." -Zainab Attari