An Artsy Day with #BergerXP and Indiblogger

Repainting a home isn't as easy as buying home decors. When one needs to repaint even a wall of a room, a lot needs to be moved out of that room to make space for the painters and to keep the furniture away from all the dust and paint that would splatter all over in … Continue reading An Artsy Day with #BergerXP and Indiblogger

Crayon Painting DIY

Namaste, A week back I saw some amazing video tutorials on YouTube on how to create a painting with crayons! I was very inspired by this idea and wanted to try it sometime soon. So on my way back from my Graphic Designing classes I picked up a canvas and two packs of Camel Wax Crayons … Continue reading Crayon Painting DIY

Up in Flames

There are these days when I want to paint. I do not know what but I just want to paint. So I take a canvas of a random size and throw it on the floor which is covered with cloth used for preventing the paint to spill on my floors. I take out my paints and brushes and fill up water into bowls and I sit for sometime and think calmly. What do I want to paint? What do I feel?

Geometrically Abstarct Art

This was my second canvas painting done during my free time on my terrace with a friend. I loved the colours. It looks beautiful in my Hall 😀 My boss loved it a lot he and he asked me to make one for him too for his office. This painting is my original work! Acrylic … Continue reading Geometrically Abstarct Art


I made this art work during my vacations in my spare time. Used tracing paper to repeat the same design on opposite sides. Painted with Fevicryl-Hobby Ideas Acrylic Paints. The script in the centre is Arabic. It means "In the name of God, most Gracious, most Compassionate".