Published Poetess!

The first time I ever wrote poetry, it was about my school friend and her boyfriend's relationship. It was a rhyming poetry that was liked by all for the flow of events of their relationship illustrated with my words with perfect ease. Thereafter, I wrote a lot more poems that were personal, something that I … Continue reading Published Poetess!


Candy clouds float over hazy mountains Dark forests envelop spooky dens Unmapped paths lead to bumpy roads Rivers overflow with crabs, fishes & toads Sea bathed and sun-kissed Lost and found in the cold mist Historic bridges and romantic boats Eat meat or steal food from goats Starry skies and sparkling oceans Silenced mind around … Continue reading Wanderlust

Haiku #1

Spinning in darkness Battling to gain her senses Sips down her coffee. This is my first attempt at Haiku form of poetry. Would love to read your feedback. Thank you! -Zainab Attari


A little aloof I shall stay Before another tempest hits the bay Anchoring me down again Into surplus societal pain Sharing the ocean can get rough Absconding high tides is tough I need to gather myself in vain Before I crash once again So I shall breathe, smile and have a good time And hold … Continue reading Anchored