We all have a flair for something unique. Initially we are not aware of all the skills we can produce. Slowly but gradually we recognize our aptitudes. As far as I have discovered about my talents, I have realized that it’s genetic. All the talents and hobbies I have, sum up to one word, CREATIVE! The talents I possess are all inclined towards creativity. I have extreme interests in art, craft, photography, painting, graphic designing, editing, creative cooking, creative writing, poetry, and so on. All these hobbies require creativity. So let’s say my talent is “being creative!”
I am a creative creature. I love creative people and respect and appreciate the effort they put in their work and I love the appreciation for my work as well! *winks*

Yes, this is the mess I make when I sit to paint :P

Yes, this is the mess I make when I sit to paint 😛

I love painting on days I want to dirty my hands in colours full of intense meanings and illustrate something beautiful. I love crafting things out of waste and making them look awesomely new and useful once again. I spend a lot of my time on YouTube watching DIYs and other craft tutorials. Since I have never been for for art or craft classes, these video tutorials do help a lot while doing something new or when I run out of ideas! Plus I am a quick learner.
I have a huge terrace and I would someday want to make my workshop there and paint on the walls and hang up crafty things all over. [When I am rich enough to redecorate it and when the biased government of Maharashtra allows people to enclose open property for a good reason]

Clicked by me at Juhu Beach, Mumbai

Clicked by me at Juhu Beach, Mumbai

Being the creative creature, I am deeply awed with photography and the wonders a camera lens can do! It’s amazing to see those beautiful memories captured into a frame. It takes only a good set of eyes to capture true beauty in a frame. Not everyone with a camera can click amazing pictures. 😛 I own a Nikon Coolpic L120 which is not that great compared to a DSLR but I do get some great pictures at times. Someday, I will gift myself a DSLR and do a photography course to polish my skills and capture the rare beauties wherever I travel.

tumblr_mdt30mfgd21qbnvdao1_500Travelling is something I quench. Due to various reasons I have not got to travel much in the twenty years of my life but I have promised myself to work hard and do away with this wanderlust. My country, India is so vast and beautiful and I wish to go to every state before I die. I am very fascinated with the variations in traditions and cultures and it’s interesting to have knowledge about such things rather than gossiping on a cup of coffee. Oh, and I also wish to visit many amazing places around the world. I think I have lot of places jotted down in my bucket list! I wish I could do a job where I would be exploring the world, photographing and meeting wonderful people everyday! What an adventurous life that would be!


The bookmark is designed by me and yes those are my skinny hands 😛

I love reading and writing. Writing poetry is my forte. The way words rhyme and the intensity few words can create is something that mesmerises me! Words can make a lot of difference and the best part about writing is connecting to souls whose emotions are on the same wavelength. The very aspect of connecting via words is one of the very reasons I started blogging. I felt insane among people who couldn’t understand my thoughts and feelings and thought I was either over-dramatic or too philosophical. But after I joined WordPress and shared my mind out to millions, I found a whole new world filled with hundreds of beautiful minds, understanding hearts and creative souls. Someday I would love to see my words published in print, inspiring millions!
I am a Graphic Designer by profession. I had started my amateur designing on my own, played around with softwares and  was guided by my dad who is into screen printing for designing on print. His inputs on my work as a printer’s point of view did help me a lot and still does. I had designed various banners, calendars, certificates, visiting cards and so on for St.Theresa’s High School, Bandra.

My naughty 2nd grade students showing off their craft work!

My naughty 2nd grade students showing off their craft work!

St.Theresa’s High School Bandra has been the first place I worked and got my first hard-earned salary. I was their Graphic Designer and continue to be so. I also taught students craft [grade 1- 4 boys]. It was the most amazing experience of my last teen years! Being 18 and a teacher was something cool and teaching something I am so passionate about was absolutely perfect. I made some wonderful memories in 2012-2013.
I later quit my teaching job to focus on my last year in college. I now have a Master in Arts degree from the University of Mumbai in English Literature. This subject was the reason I started writing and reading more than I ever did. I also got more time on my hands to blog during this last year and got inspired by many authors whom we read and learned about in our course.


IMG_20160325_171048In the year 2014 I started two small ventures which were home based and on a low scale. I make bookmarks and weave dreamcatchers for spreading happiness & positive vibes around! This business is slow but steady. It’s not easy managing it all on my own. From buying the materials to making, from photographing to uploading and from advertising it and selling, all single-handed is a tough job! But at the end of the day it makes me happy seeing my work hung in so many homes and cars of clients and where not and the fact that its highly appreciated by everyone 🙂 I have named my brand Chimerical Creativity. I also keep workshops once a month at home for the ones who are interested in learning this form of art.
In short, my blog is all about the things I do like Crafting, Photography, Painting, Food, DIYs, Reviewing and other interesting things, etc. You can also subscribe to me vie e-mail and I promise not to spam you! So hit the FOLLOW button if you are a creative soul and have similar interests or because you simply love what I do! Looking forward to knowing you and your skills and your story! Keep the feedback flowing, it is amazing to hear from beautiful people around the world 🙂 Lots of love! #Peace

-Zainab Attari

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