Lust Bite #Haiku

Two young souls in love Wandering in wilderness Snake bites, love succumbs. I've often noticed  couples in love getting wilder and crazier due to the greedy nature of their hormones for sexual desires. Often, this gets boring or way too intense over a period of time, leaving no room for love to exist. Hence, one … Continue reading Lust Bite #Haiku

Constant #Haiku 5

  Constantly constant Your sun's warmth keeps me zoetic A Soulful Garden -Zainab Attari [Picture source:]

Big Blue Bubble

I visit my big blue bubble When I need to shut down the world I cuddle it so tight It could choke or die by the end of the night It tries to shake me out So I pinch the big blue bubble It bursts into a piercing laughter Mocking my loneliness It sets me … Continue reading Big Blue Bubble