The Wandering Souls #Haiku

Veiled in darkness Scintillating stars saunter Like wandering souls. At the end of it all we are all wanderers, alive or dead, sometimes found or else lost, in different forms, seeking a purpose, isn't it? Let me know what you think of this thought process illustrated through a Haiku. Thank you for reading 🙂 -Zainab Attari


A little aloof I shall stay Before another tempest hits the bay Anchoring me down again Into surplus societal pain Sharing the ocean can get rough Absconding high tides is tough I need to gather myself in vain Before I crash once again So I shall breathe, smile and have a good time And hold … Continue reading Anchored

Big Blue Bubble

I visit my big blue bubble When I need to shut down the world I cuddle it so tight It could choke or die by the end of the night It tries to shake me out So I pinch the big blue bubble It bursts into a piercing laughter Mocking my loneliness It sets me … Continue reading Big Blue Bubble

Stains #PeshawarAttack

No one wears stained clothes No person likes stained walls We make sure that they are cleaned We make sure it is all stainless But on a colourless Tuesday Terrorists spilled red all over a school They ransacked the classrooms They set a teacher on fire They shot aimlessly at tiny hearts and hands They … Continue reading Stains #PeshawarAttack